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chemistry is one of the big players in on the online dating game. Like eHarmony, this website uses personality tests and a unique matchmaking system to connect you with other people who might be compatible with you. The purpose of this system is to give members the best odds of success without having to stream through hundreds of profiles.

How it Works

The free trial offers 14 days of free service with all features included. This is better than the free accounts that some dating sites offer because you get the full member experience. There is no limited option or limits on your contacts. You get to experience the real deal for 14 days.

There are both pros and cons to the free trial. On the pro side, I like the fact that the free trial gives you full access. I find that guest accounts with limited features don’t give you enough of an experience to decide if the service is worth paying for.

On the con side, I don’t like that you have to submit payment information for this free trial. It would be nice if you could just get 14 days free and then let the account expire automatically. With the trial, you have to remember to cancel your account within 14 days. Otherwise, you’ll be signed up and charged for a full membership.

The main website does not offer the free trial. You’ll need to visit the following link to get your trial account:

Signing up for an Account

Signing up for an account at was pretty easy. I just visited the link listed above, picked a password and chose “man looking for woman.” The next few pages were devoted to asking me questions about my personality. The questions asked me things like how often I drink, how I react in certain situations and what I value in life.

The questions were designed to be short and fast. Even the way the questions looked made it easy to answer them. Here’s an example of one question:

The next series of questions asked me things about what I look for in a partner. They asked about my physical preferences, race preferences and religious preferences. A couple of questions also asked about my desire to have or adopt kids. One question asked if it’s OK to meet people who have been previously married.

Overall, it took me maybe 10 minutes to answer every question. There were not as many questions here as there are at It was nice not spending 30 minutes on the questionnaire, but I have to wonder how accurate my personality assessment is. It’s hard to believe that could have really gotten to know that much about me by a short series of simple questions. Pricing

After you answer all the questions, the next page will ask you to pick a subscription and provide your payment details. Unfortunately, this step is necessary to get the free trial. You can skip the payment section and keep a limited account, but you’ll have to fill out the information to get a full access trial account.

The pricing plans were pretty reasonable in comparison to every other dating website. The cheapest plan offered was just under $21 a month for a six month membership. You can also try a three month and one month membership. If you’re serious about online dating, I would recommend the full six month membership for the best price break and most opportunities to meet people.

After you fill out the payment information, you are free to use your account just like any other normal account. You can upload pictures, meet your matches and communicate with anyone for 14 days for free. One of the nice things about is that it provides you with easy ways to break the ice with other people. You can send each other short lists of interesting questions to spark the initial conversation. appears to be an effective dating site. It uses a simple matchmaking system to make sure it connects you with people who have at least some similarities with you. From there, the basic ice breaker questions and activities make it easy to get to know other people.

Cancelling the Free Trial

Remember, you must cancel within 14 days of getting the free trial. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for whichever membership option you picked during the signup phase. If you decide to cancel, you can visit and log in to your account. Choose the “My Account” option and then click on “Resign membership” and “Remove profile.”

I would not recommend signing up with the intent to cancel your account, though. It’s best to only cancel if you really think the service won’t be useful. The 14 day trial is nice, but it’s not long enough to give you the full online dating experience.

For that reason, I would only suggest the 14 day trial if you are seriously considering giving online dating a shot. You have nothing to lose by trying, but you’ll have more success with online dating if you go in with the right attitude.

Once again, remember to use the following link to claim your free trial:

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