Lavalife Free Trial offers a 7-day free trial that requires no credit card or commitment. Just visit the Lavalife website and sign up for an account. You’ll get a week to try out the service and communicate with other singles in your area. With the Lavalife free trial, you are not allowed to send messages, but you can respond to messages.

Lavalife is a pretty well-known dating site and has millions of members. Prices are low and the free trial is nice, but isn’t perfect. One of the first things I noticed after signing up for my account were several profiles that used pictures that were vaguely familiar-looking. There was another time when I ran a search of singles and saw the same exact picture used on two different profiles:

I have no idea how many fake members there are, but I’m pretty sure there are at least a few. I’d recommend you take advantage of the free trial before signing up for a paid account. It’s a massive dating site and I’m sure there are plenty of real singles here, but it makes sense to try this site before you buy.

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Here’s a quick look at the differences between a free trial account and paid account:

What Lavalife Does Well

Lavalife makes it very easy to search for people that have similar interests and values as you. Basic searches allow you to browse singles in your area within a certain age range and distance. Advanced searches let you narrow down the searches to include specific interests, languages spoken, relationship desires and so on.

Lavalife is also unique in that it allows you to search for people looking for “intimate encounters.” Most dating sites discourage intimate encounters, but Lavalife is realistic – some people only want intimate encounters. It’s better to be open about it and help those people rather than encourage people to hide their true intentions.

There are also a couple of communication methods that are unique to One of these features is the video greeting. If you run a search and choose “with video,” you can view members who have posted videos of themselves on their profiles. There is also a feature that helps you and other singles connect via phone without giving out your real phone number.

Best of all, free trial accounts have the option to reply to e-mails and instant messages. Free members cannot initiate conversation, but they do have the option to reply to communication. Most dating sites restrict all forms of communication to paying members only.

What Lavalife Doesn’t Do So Well

The biggest issue I had with Lavalife was what appeared to be fake profiles. There are a lot of profiles that used pictures that did not look like amateur photos. Additionally, I noticed a lot of those profiles had the same list of interests and very little other information.

I also had problems browsing Lavalife with Firefox. I had to switch to Chrome to get the website to work at all. The search bar was completely messed up when I viewed it with Firefox, which is my default browser. The good news is that everything worked fine when I switched to Chrome.

Pricing Structure has a simple pricing system that offers you three different choices. You can sign up for a one month membership for a flat $20, a three month package for $45 total and a six month package for $60 total.

You can pay for your account with a credit card, Paypal, money order or via phone.

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