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OurTime.com is a 50+ dating site that caters to the older more experienced crowd. You wouldn’t expect an online dating to cater to this crowd, but the internet is no longer restricted to the young and the geeky. I’ve been hearing lots of advertisements on the radio about OurTime.com lately and wanted to see what the OurTime.com free trial is all about.

Update and Scam Allegations:

Updated on February 6th 2013:

Avoid OurTime.com at all costs!.

They are quickly earning a reputation as an unreliable, scam website that tricks people with free trials that are difficult to cancel. I recommend you take a look at eHarmony.com instead.

There are two things that lead me to this conclusion. First, I’ve been doing a little research on the web and was able to find dozens of complaints from other users. For example you can see complaints here here and here.

People are complaining about getting sucked into free trials that are impossible to cancel, being poked by fake profiles in order to lure them into signing up for a paid account and being unable to deal with customer service at all.

I even had my own problems trying to get in contact with them. I had a question about OurTime.com for this review and sent them an e-mail. I got a canned response that didn’t help anything. A few e-mails back and forth later, they finally give me their customer service number (1-866-727-8920). I’ve tried calling them multiple times for a very simple question and nobody has been able to help.

Their support people are rude, incompetent and quite frankly, not that smart. They are the perfect example of bureaucratic flotsam. Completely useless, doing just the minimum not to get fired and armed with a bad attitude to top it off.

I’m going to be redirecting all outgoing links on this page to my eHarmony review instead. Check them out and you’ll be much better off. OurTime.com is no good.

AVOID OurTime.com!

Getting started with the free trial was easy. All I had to do was visit OurTime.com and sign up for a new account. There were three quick pages that I had to fill out to create my account:

1. Name/password/e-mail

2. Quick personality questions

3. Quick forms – tell us about yourself, what you’re looking for, additional details

There was also an option to upload a picture. I skipped this step because I’m not 50 years old and didn’t feel like searching for pictures of 50 year old men to upload. Overall though, the signup process was quick and easy. I found that there’s not really a “free trial” so much as there is a free account that comes with a few basic features.

Here’s a quick look at one of the OurTime.com signup pages:

The first thing I checked after signing in for the first time was the pricing plans page. OurTime.com has a pretty effective marketing gimmick in which they offer “special” prices for a limited time, complete with a countdown clock right in the middle of the member’s area. I clicked the upgrade button and saw the following pricing options:

What You Get with the Free Trial

The free trial lets you create an account, browse singles and upload photos. You’ll have to upgrade before you can send any messages and initiate contact. I was able to compose a message, but when I hit the “send” button, my message was saved as a draft and I was taken to an upgrade page with pricing information.

You can also receive messages with your OurTime.com free trial, but you will have to pay before you can reply and communicate with people like normal. Upgrading will also let you see who has viewed your profile and added you as a favorite, it will let you chat with people in real time and it will let you view videos uploaded by members.

OurTime.com added a new feature recently that I also found pretty nice. It’s called “I’m interested” and you can access it by clicking on the link at the top of the member’s area. Click on that link and you’ll be shown pictures of women in your area. You can click “yes” or “no” on each picture if you like what you see. If you click yes, that person will be notified of your interest.

What’s Good

Update: There is actually NOTHING good about OurTime.com. When I first reviewed them, I was happy to notice that most profiles appeared genuine. I dug a little deeper, checked in with other members of OurTime.com and have changed my thoughts. See the scam warning at the top of this review for more information. Ignore anything positive you read about OurTime.com.

OurTime.com is also good at scamming seniors. The ads on the radio tell you that OurTime.com is a great place to meet local seniors and it almost sounds like a legitimate dating site. Look, no matter how old you are, you’ll have better luck at a big, reputable dating site such as eHarmony.

When you run searches for local singles, the results indicate how long it has been since each person has signed on. This is a great feature for finding active members who are likely to respond. Update: I’ve read multiple, credible reports that OurTime.com is full of FAKE and INACTIVE members who are used by the system to “contact” you in order to convince you to sign up.

What’s Not Good

Everything. Do not join this dating site under any circumstances. They are pure garbage. See the warning at the top of this page.

The only thing I’d like to see different is an actual OurTime.com free trial that unlocks all the features. Right now, there is no true free trial. What you get is a free account that comes with limited features. You are under no pressure to upgrade, but you’ll need to pay if you ever want to communicate with other singles.

My opinion is to stay the hell away from this scam dating site. If you see lots of active singles in your area, go ahead and sign up for an account, if you hate money. The only benefit you might get out of it is laughing at the idiotic customer support reps at OurTime.com.


18 thoughts on “OurTime.com Free Trial

    1. Siobhanc

      I have found that of the four people I conversed wtih and considered dating. One was an “ordained minister” sho believed God taught hyypnosis and that all people should be hypnotized to deliver them from satan. The second wanted chains and whips after the first dinner so I could prove myself worthy of his trust. The third wanted me to become part of his stable to be used at his will. I cancelled my date with the fourth because I was not going to further waste my time and e-mailed him to advise. He then e-mailed me threatening me for not showing up.

  1. John Lyle

    I must agre with Katie. A free trial should mean total access to your sight. Of course I can see your apprehension that we might hook up with someone without you making a penny. How terrible and yet so typical of todays society.

  2. admin Post author

    Update and warning! Avoid OurTime.com. They are absolute garbage. I based my initial review off the “free guest account” that they offer but after digging deeper, I’ve determined that this site is junk. Don’t waste your time here.

  3. betty hyman


  4. rosie2866

    I have to agree with all of these comments because just because it says free it never is and the free trai should have 7 days and be able to access everything for the 7 days.other wise stay away from it….

    1. admin Post author

      Geez. One last time: This website has the phrase “free trial” in the name! I just called it a free trial because that’s what people search for. I can’t believe so many of you are fixating on that one little thing when OurTime.com has so many more serious issues.

  5. Connie

    I agree, avoid OurTime. I had a man contact me and we hit it off right away atleast until I found out it was a scam. He goes by [name removed] and [name removed]. The scammer even has pictures of a white man but he is black and will ask you to buy his son a gift or send money.The free trial is NOT free. And most of the men either want to hop in the sack or lead you on. My membership will run out in about a month and I am NOT going to renew it. If you are looking for a good, stable man my advise would be to stay away from OurTime. Good luck ladies.

  6. lk

    Tried and paid for one month….sheesh..free trial..folks, there is NO free lunch. This site doesn’t give option to say how many miles you are willing to look and if you say yes on a pic, that person gets a message saying lets chat or something similar. Whether the one who hit like wants it or not! I can do that on my own, thank you. So due to lack of mile restrictions, I ended up with some dude supposedly in CT, obviously on meds, and an evil little elf in comments, one of those God fearing perfect men but divorced anyway, once he felt comfortable in chatting HE initiated, but said since my divorce wasn’t final he would be sinning..uh..u messaged me..based on my profile..and was nasty after 2 simple, short, chat about life messages.but I googled his user name and on some sites his profile number of children vary so I think he’s a troll . and some guy in ND who wanted to hook up immediately. 0 – 60 in a second..I’m across the nation and no, you are not getting my phone number. I’m leaving a needy relationship, not looking for one. Granted the assumption can be we are losers on sites and they are all scammers, and I did see some local men check my profile daily which maybe I could have pursued, but I only made it a week before I jumped ship. I agree, eharmoney at least has some safety net and zoosk (sp) scares me because they track your internet use to connect you, for example your Amazon views and online purchases, You Tub views, very big brother, that type of thing. Granted it’s a safety option but not for me. I’m at the point I’d rather just go sit in a sports/wings place and people watch and see what happens before paying money for this kind of stuff. And don’t get me started on Match.com..I lasted one hour there..

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for sharing Ik. Internet dating can be just as frustrating as dating in the real world. I’m sorry you got conned into signing up at OurTime.com. Sounds like they haven’t changed a thing since this review was first published. What a shame.

      I’ve gotten the best feedback for Eharmony.com. Plenty of Fish and OKCupid are also OK, but they are free sites so people may not be as serious. However, you gotta put as many lines as you can in the ocean and see what bites. Might not hurt to throw up a free profile on those while you’re at it.

      Be safe, don’t give out your number right away and always meet in a public location with your own transportation!

  7. julie

    this is without a doubt a scammer’s paradise! a guy told me how much he luved me and take my profile off the site, he removed his, then he went to a foreign country as a civil engineer, a piece of equipment got lost and he needed me to fund 10,000 for him so he could get the machine over there….too bad, he didn’t scam me for a penny……i started to spend money and send him a $1 and tell him not to spend it all in once place….no longer in contact….he also said he was swedish, yak yak yak, yeah right…..and wud u believe about two weeks later, i had a guy send me an email using the same identical phrases, i’m from sweden, bla bla bla….it made me laugh! sent him an email and said “how astounding, i just heard these same identical words a few days ago” called him a scamming bas****, never heard another word! thank god i was smart enuf that i read about scammers before i joined the site but thought, what to heck, well, DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE” STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE….

  8. Steve

    Ourtime Ripoff! Their customer service, auto renewal and refund policy sucks. Customer service won’t get back to you. They do not have a refund policy. If they send you an email advertising reduced renewal rates ($39.95), don’t click it. Beware, the reduced rate will only be tacked on to the already ($71.94) renewal rates and the auto renewal does not notify you of pending bank transactions. If you plan on cancelling, send yourself a calendar reminder to cancel before they can get to your bank account.

  9. Mr. Nobody

    For all you people who are looking for dates and want to or have joined dating sites be very careful. All the sites have real people on them but, most of them have a lot of fake profiles to lure you in just to take your money. There are only two site I have found so far that are ligitamte. The first one is totally free and that is POF.com. It is strictly a dating site. The second one is a hook up site for sexual purposes and charges a fee to join them and the charge is of course is dependant upon the lenght of time of your choosing. This site is AFF.com. I personally have met people off these sites and never once thought I was being taken for a ride. The rest of the sites of which I have joined I never once met anybody. And yes, there are many scams out there with all kinds of stories trying to get your money or bank account information from you so they can rob you blind. So please, be very careful if you decide to join these sites. Check them all out first before you give any money to any of them.


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